artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future


artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future

What is artificial intelligence?artificial intelligence is a computer, that has been built by humans, which can think like a human mind.these robots do almost everything human does and is capable of learning new skills.

Many newspapers and TV are reporting, artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future. Articial intelligence was brought into existence by a group of scientists and developers to help solve human problems. The initial idea of inventing artificial intelligence is to improve human lives,leaving out the consequences and risks involved. One of the reasons there's no jobs in america and in some advanced technology countries like Japan and china.

An interview with the CEO of Microsoft billgate one of the founders of artificial intelligence.billgate doesn't know the anticipation of artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence AI set to take over human jobs and could render some people jobless in a few years to come.
Analytics have shown Ai is one of the major causes reducing job opportunities in USA.

Artificial intelligence are programmed  to learn   new skills around the geographical area. This can only mean robots, are programmed, automated to execute human tasks and labours. artificial intelligence is sensive can learn new skills.

In near future artificial intelligence could take over  human jobs. A Company might set to employ robots ,since it's capable of doing human works. Some scientists have opposed the risks and effects, artificial intelligence could, cause in the near future.

We are talking of the near future, how about now? Artificial intelligence has taken over some human jobs already instances home robots.home robot has taken over home chores. You don't need to worry about sweeping your home, cooking your food, cleaning your house, home robot does all these. Recently we have seen sex robots that interact and develops feielngs, we have seen automated cars.

Artificial intelligence has many negative impacts on the side.take for instance sex robot that is automated to deliver sex satisfaction to its partner and could kill marriage in the near future.what do you think will happen to taxi drivers now we have automated cars, they will be jobless and this will lead to increase of unemployment.

For now human jobs are guaranteed but government should apply some laws that will be regulating companies and AI to prevent unemployment in the future.

I am tmerlin a tech lover