beware your phone may be spying on you

Beware, your phone may be spying on you New research in Boston has shown apps installed on my mobile smart phone are lively spying on us.

 Who would believe your sma rt phone would expose your privacy. According to new research most of the apps installed on our android device are spying on us without our permission.Even google said they can't guarantee 100% security on Android why? Because android is an open source code operating system.Over 17,000 apps were found secretly sending all our activities on our device to a third party.

These apps take screenshot and videos of our activities on our devices, including our password, text messages , credit card number and our data. Forwards it to the third party "We found that every app has the ability to record your screen and anything you type," said David Choffnes, a Professor at Boston's Northeastern University. David choffnes, said he will present his foundings on privacy conference in Barcelona, spain.

David choffnes claimed that over 17,000 popular apps on google play store has hidden program that records all activities on our smart phone and forwards it to third parties without user's permission. David choffnes said over 9,000 apps are automatically taking screenshots by themselves and sends to third parties. Though it could lead to information leaking and breach of privacy. Now you are aware apps installed on your device is not guaranteed 100% safe.if you must download app make sure you download from google play store

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