Britain to fine Facebook over data breach


Britain to fine Facebook over data breach

Facebook is facing Britain fine over data scandal. CEO of Facebook mark zukerberg, apologized to Britain on behalf of the Facebook team for failing to protect the user's data .
An investigation was carried out by commission information officers in Britain earlier this year . 87 million users' data was misused and tampered by Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica, denied the accusations and files for bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner, reported to the BBC . Facebook allowed an app that fetched user's data without Facebook concept & awareness.
The  app was able to tamper with over 87 million user's data was hijacked and misused.
The ICO said that Facebook could be fined 566,000 euros for violation of data, failing to safeguard user's data.

This fine is yet to be issued to Facebook for the breach of data protection.

For some reasons Facebook was not imposed with EU fine data violation act, that could have attracted (1.4 billion euros).
The eu set to impose new strict data fine that would make companies pay over 25-40m euros.

the ICO authorities are investigating on Cambridge analytica for data breach, though Cambridge analytica did not accept the accusations.

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