How to get free UK number

How To Get UK Number
Do you know it's possible to own any country's number while you are not living in that country. Today I will show you how to get  working UK number that can receive calls and text messages in your country .

Maybe you have come across some of your friends living presently in the country using UK & USA number to make calls, receive calls, text messages and do whatsapp.
Some of my friends are using USA and UK numbers while they are presently living in the country.

Presently there are many ways to get working UK number but I'm going to show you three working ways to get UK number while you are outside united kingdom.

Text me up is UK base telecom generic mobile app that assigns UK number. This app gives free UK number that can receive calls,make calls  and send text messages.. Text me now offers free call and text message.

  • / is one of the websites that give free UK number.all you need to do is visit the site above, select country of your choice, here we go with UK number. This site will generate UK number for you. Fill out the necessary form. An activation mail would be sent to the email you signed up with, containing your new UK numb and activation code. Activate your new UK number by calling the their customer care line. Enter the allocated number and pin, your UK number will be activated right away .

  • this is another website that gives free UK number . this site is not different from the above website but does same job. Here visit / enter the mobile number you would like them to divert your UK number. Eg I'm living in USA and I want  them to divert my UK number to my current number so, I will be able to receive calls and messages on my number while I'm outside UK . when signing up you will be requested to enter your number , though UK number will be given to you start with your number like this +44 your number

The allocated numbers can receive calls, male calls and sign up for WhatsApp .

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