How to schedule message and broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp

How to schedule message and broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp

This toturial is based on WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp have been rolling out new amazing features on each update. Latest version of gb WhatsApp which was launched earlier this month, came with one of these features,"MESSAGE  SCHEDULER".

Do you know the newer WhatsApp version came with message scheduler and group message broadcast.for you to exploit this feature you may need to update your WhatsApp or download latest version of WhatsApp.

Message scheduler
Launch your WhatsApp, click on three dots upright and select  message scheduler, white background will pop up click on the circle plus button then select any if these to schedule message. Contact, group,status after choosing contact, schedule message background will pop up. 

Type your message , set start date ,time and end date and time. After that click schedule and your message will be sent at  specified date and time.

Broadcast message to groups
Well, this feature came with newer version of WhatsApp. Meaning you can forward message to many groups as you want at same time. I found this feature to be interesting especially if you are a business personnel, this feature is really for you.

To send broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp tap on the three dots at the right side. Select broadcast message to groups and select groups you wish to forward messages, click on the green good allow and type your message then press send.

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