How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp

How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp
This toturial is based on WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp have been rolling out new amazing features on each update. Latest version of gb WhatsApp which was launched earlier this month, came with one of these features," Auto reply"

The latest release version of GB WhatsApp version 6.40 came with auto reply. Meaning you can set auto reply messages for both group chat and private chat. The amazing part you can even schedule time to reply back messages and time to stop replying back.

For you to set up auto reply message you may need to download latest GB WhatsApp. After downloading please kindly install it and launch on the 3 dots option button then click on GB settings, you will see auto reply message then click on it and enable it.

Click plus button  to create new auto reply message. Click auto reply message and write  your feed back text eg "Thanks for your chat, I will respond to you shortly". Repeat same method you want your message to be delayed, after that set receiver. Receiver could be your contact & group chat then set specific start time and end time. After that click add and you are set to go.

Please  take note: this tutorial is not meant to be not spam any group chat or Friend's inbox with auto reply message.

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