Israel Plans Its First Moon Launch in December


Israel Plans Its First Moon Launch in December

After being declared European country, Israel
didn't stop there, but went further for their name to be recognized worldwide. Israel on Tuesday announced their plans to launch spacecraft to the moon. Israel believes to be one of the most powerful neglected country in the world. Israel is making every effort to climb on top by achieving what other countries haven't achieved over a decade .

The spacecraft is weighing 585 kilogrammes.its believed to land in the moon on ,13, February 2019.the spacecraft Wll be launched by rocket to the moon and wil be the first spacecraft to research on the moon.

This could be the recognition of Israel in the world, if by chance they successfully achieved their aim following the fall of other countries and scientists sponsored and encouraged by google in 2010 to see the successful and head forward of scientists.

Scientists have not met up with google proposer, despite the 25 million euros offered by Google to support scientists achieve their goals, reaching the moon and coming up with new discoveries and researches.

Israel is set to be the first to reach the moon, despite google prize been expired, yet they are set to make a world record . Though it will cost them $100m to finalize all expenses.

Yossi Weiss, the CEO of IAI, said conquering space is not just a way to prove technological prowess, but also an increasingly urgent need for a human race rapidly dilapidating its resources.
"We need to think about backup plans," Weiss said. "Earth is becoming small," and ultimately "the future of humanity is in space".

 Israel is excited, especially the children. Israel said to be training engineers for technology. Though they claimed they are not competing with other countries like China, America and Russia. Khan told the media since they are starting up country they got to have engineers.

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