LG Launches New AI-Based TVs With Voice Control

LG Launches New AI-Based TVs With Voice Control

Today's technology keep advancing rapidly.The giant Chinese technology company known as LG has launched another powerful gadget " AI TV SET". The TV set is powered by AI  known as ( artificial intelligence AI) featuring  LG OLED, Super UHD, UHD and Smart TV category, and are powered with Alpha 7 and Alpha 9 processors.

 That's not all.  SuperUHD TV comes with other features like voice control,  web0 support etc. This TV set puts you in full control of your TV gadget. Let's you point  and voice command your tv. Its said to support over 800 languages that works with out internet connection

SuperUHD TV comes with mobile overlay. This feature allows user to connect his/her mobile gadget on the TV set and play music or videos from mobile to TV. This feature let's you view everything on your mobile on  tv.

Other features including google photo, cloud storage, let's user  store videos,audios and photos on google drive. Supports Bluetooth connection both for mobile and other devices.

LG's 2018 SuperUHD TV comes with alpha 9 processor, supports palette of HDR, Dolby Vision, advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro, and HLG Pro.

 SuperUHD TV featuring thinQ and google assistant. You can control other home appliances with SuperUHD TV Artificial intelligence.

Users can explore SuperUHD TV with voice command, scheduler. Google assistant makes it easier for users. You can ask questions and get quick answers right away with google assistant.

You can check scores of matches by simple command not turning off your viewing channel. SuperUHD TV supports over 5000 electronic gadgets such as robots, home appliances, speaker, light etc

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