New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

Nowadays people are misusing WhatsApp to achieve their evil purposes, like phishing & spamming with malicious link.
WhatsApp is set to roll out new link feature that will check and verify every link shared on WhatsApp. This new new feature will alert you of any dangerous link by marking it red and notifying the users unsafe link.

Lately WhatsApp don't used to be what it meant to be. WhatsApp was created by ex-yahoo worker for purpose of socializing and less stress for  messaging. Hackers devoured a means of penetrating and phishing people by sharing malicious links that can steal data from victim's computer. Due to misuses of WhatsApp by hackers and spammers CEO of WhatsApp and Facebook mark zukerberg set to introduce malicious link detector. 

This new feature will be able to block malicious and dangerous links by scanning the link first before  popping up the background image.
WhatsApp is set to fight fake news by introducing link detector that will feature in their next roll out version.
This new WhatsApp version comes with some new amazing  features.

  1.  Feature to block anyone that left the group. This new feature will be included in next WhatsApp version. This feature will permanently block and prevent users from rejoining back group which they left.
  2.  Group Admins can restrict members from chatting & posting in the group. Meanwhile the group admin has right to limit members privileges or ban members in the group.
  3. An option to block unknown senders when they send you texts
  4. Admins will be able to demote or limit other admin power.
The next version of WhatsApp will feature new amazing  features. WhatsApp team are working tirelessly to see we users are satisfied.

I am tmerlin a tech lover