YouTube Copyright Match Tool to Notify Creators If Their Videos Are Stolen


YouTube Copyright Match Tool to Notify Creators If Their Videos Are Stolen

We heard stories in the past google been sued for fringement and copyrights Due to some circumstances . it's Google's responsibility to fight copyright and protect their services.

YouTube is worldwide video website owned and managed by google, number one searching engine. Google confirmed it on their blog they will be rolling out copyright match tool to notify creators if their videos are been copied.

You tube copyright tool will scan videos when  uploading,scans video for copyright. If found matched with already uploaded video, you tube will notify the owner and an option to allow the copyright or remove video.

We have seen in some scenario cases where most you tubers steal videos and reupload same video on you tube without the owner's knowledge.

Google is fully out to fight YouTube for me I'm pleased with the way google is regulating youtube, after introducing let's watch 4,000 hours and  have 1,000 subscribers.

This feature isn't meant for all YouTubers. This feature is strictly designed for YouTubers with YouTube 
Channel, that has over 100,000 subscribers though will be extended to smaller channels later .

  1. Log in into your YouTube channel account go straight to YouTube studio
  2. You will see copy right section 
  3. Choose action 
It's up to you to decide on how to handle your duplicators. There are many options for you such as achieve let's you archive the matched video but not taking any action.
Message you can send message to the channel owner.

Schedule message : send  message to the channel, requesting him to remove the matched video before 7 days and if failed to remove the the copy right matched video, after 7 days his channel would be taken down for some period of time.

Removal request: you can request for removal directly to you tube and wait for some minutes to remove the copyright matched video.

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