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Google said to be working on a new operating system to success Android

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One of the world largest technology giant is set to replace android with new operating system fuchsia OS. For over two years now google is said to be working on new operating system known as fuchsia. For years google have been giving their best on android operating system by releasing new version, coming with new features and bug fixed. Knowing vividly well they can't achieve their goal on android. Even google themselves said they can't guarantee android is 100% safe since its built on open source code.

Some group of google developers are working on fuchsia, since google announced fuchsia in 2016. Fuchsia is expected to be running android OS chrome OS and possibly window OS . Developers said fuchsia will be embedded to home connected devices like TV set, speaker ,light etc. Fuchsia will be running on over 3 operating systems .fuchsia is coming with tighter security. 

It was reported on Friday google set to include artificial intelligence on keen on making everything under google to be connected to fuchsia.

Google has not made open announcement when fuchsia will be launched. We are waiting tirelessly for fuchsia to be announced. It won't be easy for google as they set to face risks losing chrome OS and android to fuchsia.

5G smartphones will support faster internet speeds by next year, courtesy Qualcomm

5G smartphones will support faster internet speeds by next year, courtesy Qualcomm

Qualcomm said on today's press conference held in america 5g smart phones will receiver faster internet speed after launching QTM052 mmWave antenna modules.

We have seen some countries like Germany receiving up to 60hz mega bytes per seconds. Qualcomm said they have started shipping the new  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem that will feature in 5g smart phones in 2019.

Qualcomm says there will be no more bad signal even when disconnected it would reconnect immediately. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem is better than other Qualcomm modules in the past.

Qualcomm says hotspot could be first to feature these modules before mobile phones.the launched modules said to increase the internet 5g  speed. The new QT is M052 mmWave expected to work with up to
20 phone manufacturers including Asus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE among, samsung, Nokia and others.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 will be coming with 5g smart phones.

Adobe Said to Plan Photoshop for iPad Launch

Adobe Said to Plan Photoshop for iPad Launch

Photoshop plans to extend their service to  apple ipad. Adobe are planning to unveil photshop for iPad at its annual MAX creative conference in October. The app is expected to hit the market in 2019 for iPad.

If you are a graphics designer or adobe user you will know how much mobile users have longed for Photoshop. There's no official news when it will be released for android.

"My aspiration is to get these on the market as soon as possible," Belsky said in an interview. "There's a lot required to take a product as sophisticated and powerful as Photoshop and make that work on a modern device like the iPad. We need to bring our products into this cloud-first collaborative era."

IPad will get all PC features on iPad including cloud subscription for premium members. The trending question is when will it be launched for android users? Soon it will be launched for android but first iPad.

Patients can use apps to do basic tests, say doctors

Technology is advancing day by  day though its tricky. Some city doctors and practitioners have adviced patients to start using their mobile phones to conduct some basic tests like heart ,pulse,eye ,ear test.

According to orthopaedic surgeon Dr V R Ravi, a seminar conducted in india. Dr Ravi urges the public to start using their mobile phone to do some check ups.  "He Lamented encouraging the public to adopt and start installing health apps on their smart phones".

Many check ups was conducted using mobile phone. Some doctors  refers mobile phone check up as a reference and arguly suggested a check up must be determined by a doctor.

Some doctors debated on misguide mobile check could cause to the public and suggested to consult a doctor to determine any check up carried out with mobile phone.

Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

Truthify has been  emotional application? ever on mobile , built with artificial intelligence AI.truthify is a means of communication between you and your mobile phone. 

Truthify reads 43 facial muscles using your front camera to determine your  emotion. Teuthify is said to be using emotional artificial intelligence to determine one's emotion.

While watching a video truthify uses your front camera to determine your state of emotion and how you feel at that moment. Truthify scans emotion and analyzes seven emotional states - fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, and surprise.

This app is also developed for the business organization who would want to know the reaction of their customers by reading their emaotion with mobile app "truthify".

 Truthify app is now available on appstore, comes with in app purchase.

New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

Nowadays people are misusing WhatsApp to achieve their evil purposes, like phishing & spamming with malicious link.
WhatsApp is set to roll out new link feature that will check and verify every link shared on WhatsApp. This new new feature will alert you of any dangerous link by marking it red and notifying the users unsafe link.

Lately WhatsApp don't used to be what it meant to be. WhatsApp was created by ex-yahoo worker for purpose of socializing and less stress for  messaging. Hackers devoured a means of penetrating and phishing people by sharing malicious links that can steal data from victim's computer. Due to misuses of WhatsApp by hackers and spammers CEO of WhatsApp and Facebook mark zukerberg set to introduce malicious link detector. 

This new feature will be able to block malicious and dangerous links by scanning the link first before  popping up the background image.
WhatsApp is set to fight fake news by introducing link detector that will feature in their next roll out version.
This new WhatsApp version comes with some new amazing  features.

  1.  Feature to block anyone that left the group. This new feature will be included in next WhatsApp version. This feature will permanently block and prevent users from rejoining back group which they left.
  2.  Group Admins can restrict members from chatting & posting in the group. Meanwhile the group admin has right to limit members privileges or ban members in the group.
  3. An option to block unknown senders when they send you texts
  4. Admins will be able to demote or limit other admin power.
The next version of WhatsApp will feature new amazing  features. WhatsApp team are working tirelessly to see we users are satisfied.

How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp

How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp
This toturial is based on WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp have been rolling out new amazing features on each update. Latest version of gb WhatsApp which was launched earlier this month, came with one of these features," Auto reply"

The latest release version of GB WhatsApp version 6.40 came with auto reply. Meaning you can set auto reply messages for both group chat and private chat. The amazing part you can even schedule time to reply back messages and time to stop replying back.

For you to set up auto reply message you may need to download latest GB WhatsApp. After downloading please kindly install it and launch on the 3 dots option button then click on GB settings, you will see auto reply message then click on it and enable it.

Click plus button  to create new auto reply message. Click auto reply message and write  your feed back text eg "Thanks for your chat, I will respond to you shortly". Repeat same method you want your message to be delayed, after that set receiver. Receiver could be your contact & group chat then set specific start time and end time. After that click add and you are set to go.

Please  take note: this tutorial is not meant to be not spam any group chat or Friend's inbox with auto reply message.

How to schedule message and broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp

How to schedule message and broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp

This toturial is based on WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp have been rolling out new amazing features on each update. Latest version of gb WhatsApp which was launched earlier this month, came with one of these features,"MESSAGE  SCHEDULER".

Do you know the newer WhatsApp version came with message scheduler and group message broadcast.for you to exploit this feature you may need to update your WhatsApp or download latest version of WhatsApp.

Message scheduler
Launch your WhatsApp, click on three dots upright and select  message scheduler, white background will pop up click on the circle plus button then select any if these to schedule message. Contact, group,status after choosing contact, schedule message background will pop up. 

Type your message , set start date ,time and end date and time. After that click schedule and your message will be sent at  specified date and time.

Broadcast message to groups
Well, this feature came with newer version of WhatsApp. Meaning you can forward message to many groups as you want at same time. I found this feature to be interesting especially if you are a business personnel, this feature is really for you.

To send broadcast message to groups on WhatsApp tap on the three dots at the right side. Select broadcast message to groups and select groups you wish to forward messages, click on the green good allow and type your message then press send.

beware your phone may be spying on you

Beware, your phone may be spying on you New research in Boston has shown apps installed on my mobile smart phone are lively spying on us.

 Who would believe your sma rt phone would expose your privacy. According to new research most of the apps installed on our android device are spying on us without our permission.Even google said they can't guarantee 100% security on Android why? Because android is an open source code operating system.Over 17,000 apps were found secretly sending all our activities on our device to a third party.

These apps take screenshot and videos of our activities on our devices, including our password, text messages , credit card number and our data. Forwards it to the third party "We found that every app has the ability to record your screen and anything you type," said David Choffnes, a Professor at Boston's Northeastern University. David choffnes, said he will present his foundings on privacy conference in Barcelona, spain.

David choffnes claimed that over 17,000 popular apps on google play store has hidden program that records all activities on our smart phone and forwards it to third parties without user's permission. David choffnes said over 9,000 apps are automatically taking screenshots by themselves and sends to third parties. Though it could lead to information leaking and breach of privacy. Now you are aware apps installed on your device is not guaranteed 100% safe.if you must download app make sure you download from google play store