Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions While Watching a Video

Truthify has been  emotional application? ever on mobile , built with artificial intelligence AI.truthify is a means of communication between you and your mobile phone. 

Truthify reads 43 facial muscles using your front camera to determine your  emotion. Teuthify is said to be using emotional artificial intelligence to determine one's emotion.

While watching a video truthify uses your front camera to determine your state of emotion and how you feel at that moment. Truthify scans emotion and analyzes seven emotional states - fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, and surprise.

This app is also developed for the business organization who would want to know the reaction of their customers by reading their emaotion with mobile app "truthify".

 Truthify app is now available on appstore, comes with in app purchase.

YouTube Copyright Match Tool to Notify Creators If Their Videos Are Stolen

YouTube Copyright Match Tool to Notify Creators If Their Videos Are Stolen

We heard stories in the past google been sued for fringement and copyrights Due to some circumstances . it's Google's responsibility to fight copyright and protect their services.

YouTube is worldwide video website owned and managed by google, number one searching engine. Google confirmed it on their blog they will be rolling out copyright match tool to notify creators if their videos are been copied.

You tube copyright tool will scan videos when  uploading,scans video for copyright. If found matched with already uploaded video, you tube will notify the owner and an option to allow the copyright or remove video.

We have seen in some scenario cases where most you tubers steal videos and reupload same video on you tube without the owner's knowledge.

Google is fully out to fight YouTube for me I'm pleased with the way google is regulating youtube, after introducing let's watch 4,000 hours and  have 1,000 subscribers.

This feature isn't meant for all YouTubers. This feature is strictly designed for YouTubers with YouTube 
Channel, that has over 100,000 subscribers though will be extended to smaller channels later .

  1. Log in into your YouTube channel account go straight to YouTube studio
  2. You will see copy right section 
  3. Choose action 
It's up to you to decide on how to handle your duplicators. There are many options for you such as achieve let's you archive the matched video but not taking any action.
Message you can send message to the channel owner.

Schedule message : send  message to the channel, requesting him to remove the matched video before 7 days and if failed to remove the the copy right matched video, after 7 days his channel would be taken down for some period of time.

Removal request: you can request for removal directly to you tube and wait for some minutes to remove the copyright matched video.

LG phone may sport 5 cameras

LG phone may sport 5 cameras
Report claiming the upcoming LG flapship would come with 5 cameras. Two cameras at front and three at back with dual selfie snapper. LG V40 ThinQ comes with notch display, featuring 3D facial mapping.

The LG V40 is expected to feature Optical image stabilization, Autofocus
Manual focus, RAW image capture and dual camera for front and back 

The LG V40 will feature latest version of android 8 oreo, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SDM845
Octa-core, 2800 MHz, Kryo 385, 64-bit, 10 nm
Adreno 630
128 GB

LG V40  will come with new features like Turn-by-turn navigation, Voice navigation, 4000 mah,USB Type-C 
Mass storage device,Album, Artist, Genre, Playlists
Album art cover, Background playback
MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A (Apple lossless), AMR, OGG, MIDI.

Britain to fine Facebook over data breach

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Britain to fine Facebook over data breach

Facebook is facing Britain fine over data scandal. CEO of Facebook mark zukerberg, apologized to Britain on behalf of the Facebook team for failing to protect the user's data .
An investigation was carried out by commission information officers in Britain earlier this year . 87 million users' data was misused and tampered by Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica, denied the accusations and files for bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner, reported to the BBC . Facebook allowed an app that fetched user's data without Facebook concept & awareness.
The  app was able to tamper with over 87 million user's data was hijacked and misused.
The ICO said that Facebook could be fined 566,000 euros for violation of data, failing to safeguard user's data.

This fine is yet to be issued to Facebook for the breach of data protection.

For some reasons Facebook was not imposed with EU fine data violation act, that could have attracted (1.4 billion euros).
The eu set to impose new strict data fine that would make companies pay over 25-40m euros.

the ICO authorities are investigating on Cambridge analytica for data breach, though Cambridge analytica did not accept the accusations.

Israel Plans Its First Moon Launch in December

Israel Plans Its First Moon Launch in December

After being declared European country, Israel
didn't stop there, but went further for their name to be recognized worldwide. Israel on Tuesday announced their plans to launch spacecraft to the moon. Israel believes to be one of the most powerful neglected country in the world. Israel is making every effort to climb on top by achieving what other countries haven't achieved over a decade .

The spacecraft is weighing 585 kilogrammes.its believed to land in the moon on ,13, February 2019.the spacecraft Wll be launched by rocket to the moon and wil be the first spacecraft to research on the moon.

This could be the recognition of Israel in the world, if by chance they successfully achieved their aim following the fall of other countries and scientists sponsored and encouraged by google in 2010 to see the successful and head forward of scientists.

Scientists have not met up with google proposer, despite the 25 million euros offered by Google to support scientists achieve their goals, reaching the moon and coming up with new discoveries and researches.

Israel is set to be the first to reach the moon, despite google prize been expired, yet they are set to make a world record . Though it will cost them $100m to finalize all expenses.

Yossi Weiss, the CEO of IAI, said conquering space is not just a way to prove technological prowess, but also an increasingly urgent need for a human race rapidly dilapidating its resources.
"We need to think about backup plans," Weiss said. "Earth is becoming small," and ultimately "the future of humanity is in space".

 Israel is excited, especially the children. Israel said to be training engineers for technology. Though they claimed they are not competing with other countries like China, America and Russia. Khan told the media since they are starting up country they got to have engineers.

New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

New WhatsApp feature that will alert you of dangerous messages

Nowadays people are misusing WhatsApp to achieve their evil purposes, like phishing & spamming with malicious link.
WhatsApp is set to roll out new link feature that will check and verify every link shared on WhatsApp. This new new feature will alert you of any dangerous link by marking it red and notifying the users unsafe link.

Lately WhatsApp don't used to be what it meant to be. WhatsApp was created by ex-yahoo worker for purpose of socializing and less stress for  messaging. Hackers devoured a means of penetrating and phishing people by sharing malicious links that can steal data from victim's computer. Due to misuses of WhatsApp by hackers and spammers CEO of WhatsApp and Facebook mark zukerberg set to introduce malicious link detector. 

This new feature will be able to block malicious and dangerous links by scanning the link first before  popping up the background image.
WhatsApp is set to fight fake news by introducing link detector that will feature in their next roll out version.
This new WhatsApp version comes with some new amazing  features.

  1.  Feature to block anyone that left the group. This new feature will be included in next WhatsApp version. This feature will permanently block and prevent users from rejoining back group which they left.
  2.  Group Admins can restrict members from chatting & posting in the group. Meanwhile the group admin has right to limit members privileges or ban members in the group.
  3. An option to block unknown senders when they send you texts
  4. Admins will be able to demote or limit other admin power.
The next version of WhatsApp will feature new amazing  features. WhatsApp team are working tirelessly to see we users are satisfied.

How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp

How to set auto reply message on WhatsApp
This toturial is based on WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp have been rolling out new amazing features on each update. Latest version of gb WhatsApp which was launched earlier this month, came with one of these features," Auto reply"

The latest release version of GB WhatsApp version 6.40 came with auto reply. Meaning you can set auto reply messages for both group chat and private chat. The amazing part you can even schedule time to reply back messages and time to stop replying back.

For you to set up auto reply message you may need to download latest GB WhatsApp. After downloading please kindly install it and launch on the 3 dots option button then click on GB settings, you will see auto reply message then click on it and enable it.

Click plus button  to create new auto reply message. Click auto reply message and write  your feed back text eg "Thanks for your chat, I will respond to you shortly". Repeat same method you want your message to be delayed, after that set receiver. Receiver could be your contact & group chat then set specific start time and end time. After that click add and you are set to go.

Please  take note: this tutorial is not meant to be not spam any group chat or Friend's inbox with auto reply message.