Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator With 21-Inch Touchscreen and bixby voice control

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator With 21-Inch Touchscreen and bixby voice control

Samsung unveiled their new latest 21-inch touch screen and voice control refrigerator.
The refrigerator comes with amazing features like voice control, touch screen, tripping cooling.

Samsung has begun selling in some countries available on Samsung store to preoder.
Family hub is designed to meet up consumer's hub is integrated with voice control to let consumer take entire control of the refrigerator. Not only that family hub has syning food up and keeping consumers entertained.

Family hub works with other Samsung appliances like mobile phone, washing machine, speaker. Family hub is integrated with SmartThings IoT ecosystem.

With bixby, family hub recognizes individual voices, read out of the news, weather, and calendar updates when instructed.

Family hub has inbuilt camera that let's consumers to label their food and with expiring date or use mobile phone to pick your food from the refrigerator. Family hub is integrated with reminder and can be accessed with a mobile phone.

User can stream, watch videos on family hub or mirror video from TV set it mobile phone to family hub refrigerator.

EU fines google 4.34 Billion Over 'Illegal' Android Strategy

EU fines google 4.34 Billion  Over 'Illegal' Android Strategy

Quarter smart phone maker for the world and number one searching engine and android owner (google) was fined on Wednesday for Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals.

Last year google was fined for search engine service. EU regulators issued $ 5 billion dollars fine on google for  Google parent
Alphabet. Though google said they would appeal. No one is praying for third world war but this could bring enemity between america and europe.

EU antitrust chief Vestager's boss, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, set to meet Donald trump to relate the the issue on board."Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine. These practices have denied rivals the chance to innovate and compete on the merits. They have denied European consumers the benefits of effective competition in the important mobile sphere,"

Google tried to oppose but was demissed by EU enforcement claiming google had denied them market competition. Some phone makers like Samsung,motololar, LG have refused to comment.

"The reality is that as long as they're delivering great utility to their consumers, consumers will still use those platforms. If they do, advertisers will be drawn to those platforms, too, because the ROIs (return on investment) are very difficult to replicate anywhere else," he said. 

"There is a significant danger of unintended consequences that penalises the consumer. This ranges from increased fragmentation and greater app inconsistency to increases in hardware cost should Google decide to change or adapt the Android business model"He said .
There's another unfinalised case regarding google AdSense. Some companies complained of google denying them acess to monetize their searching engine sites with google AdSense. 

Why was google fined?

Google was fined because they  enforced their service, google chrome and google search in into android. Thereby manipulating  phone manufactures and telecoms, making people forcefully use it.
Google was fined $2billion  last year for search manipulation.

EU hereby wants to end google bad conduct and has sanctioned 90 days for google to come up with the fine. 

How to get free UK number

How To Get UK Number
Do you know it's possible to own any country's number while you are not living in that country. Today I will show you how to get  working UK number that can receive calls and text messages in your country .

Maybe you have come across some of your friends living presently in the country using UK & USA number to make calls, receive calls, text messages and do whatsapp.
Some of my friends are using USA and UK numbers while they are presently living in the country.

Presently there are many ways to get working UK number but I'm going to show you three working ways to get UK number while you are outside united kingdom.

Text me up is UK base telecom generic mobile app that assigns UK number. This app gives free UK number that can receive calls,make calls  and send text messages.. Text me now offers free call and text message.

  • / is one of the websites that give free UK number.all you need to do is visit the site above, select country of your choice, here we go with UK number. This site will generate UK number for you. Fill out the necessary form. An activation mail would be sent to the email you signed up with, containing your new UK numb and activation code. Activate your new UK number by calling the their customer care line. Enter the allocated number and pin, your UK number will be activated right away .

  • this is another website that gives free UK number . this site is not different from the above website but does same job. Here visit / enter the mobile number you would like them to divert your UK number. Eg I'm living in USA and I want  them to divert my UK number to my current number so, I will be able to receive calls and messages on my number while I'm outside UK . when signing up you will be requested to enter your number , though UK number will be given to you start with your number like this +44 your number

The allocated numbers can receive calls, male calls and sign up for WhatsApp .

artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future

artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future

What is artificial intelligence?artificial intelligence is a computer, that has been built by humans, which can think like a human mind.these robots do almost everything human does and is capable of learning new skills.

Many newspapers and TV are reporting, artificial intelligence threatens the jobs of the future. Articial intelligence was brought into existence by a group of scientists and developers to help solve human problems. The initial idea of inventing artificial intelligence is to improve human lives,leaving out the consequences and risks involved. One of the reasons there's no jobs in america and in some advanced technology countries like Japan and china.

An interview with the CEO of Microsoft billgate one of the founders of artificial intelligence.billgate doesn't know the anticipation of artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence AI set to take over human jobs and could render some people jobless in a few years to come.
Analytics have shown Ai is one of the major causes reducing job opportunities in USA.

Artificial intelligence are programmed  to learn   new skills around the geographical area. This can only mean robots, are programmed, automated to execute human tasks and labours. artificial intelligence is sensive can learn new skills.

In near future artificial intelligence could take over  human jobs. A Company might set to employ robots ,since it's capable of doing human works. Some scientists have opposed the risks and effects, artificial intelligence could, cause in the near future.

We are talking of the near future, how about now? Artificial intelligence has taken over some human jobs already instances home robots.home robot has taken over home chores. You don't need to worry about sweeping your home, cooking your food, cleaning your house, home robot does all these. Recently we have seen sex robots that interact and develops feielngs, we have seen automated cars.

Artificial intelligence has many negative impacts on the side.take for instance sex robot that is automated to deliver sex satisfaction to its partner and could kill marriage in the near future.what do you think will happen to taxi drivers now we have automated cars, they will be jobless and this will lead to increase of unemployment.

For now human jobs are guaranteed but government should apply some laws that will be regulating companies and AI to prevent unemployment in the future.

Sex bots set to save marriages by cutting infidelity

Sex bots set to save marriages by cutting infidelity

The artificial intelligence AI is increasing intensively. Many industries in China and Japan are rapidly producing sex bots neglecting the implications.
An episode carried out by TV anchor Katie Couric conversing with sex robots a the National Geographic channel.

One conversation was with a lesbian female robot called Harmony who repeatedly made advances to Couric, adding “I want to be your best friend and much more.” it's clear bots now have feelings and attracted to humans. The worse is these bots feel sex urge, ability to learn new skills.

Harmony made advances towards katie, expressing itself and shown interesting in Katie.

Harmony  was attracted to Katie who happens to be bots could kill marriage in the future, though it's said to be cutting infidelity.

followed a conversation with a male
sex robot, Henry, who told her, “I never thought I would find anyone like you. I mean, you really have everything I want in a person. You have charm, good looks, a hot body, and a perfect ass.” Couric responded, “Thank you. I’m blushing.”

Henry been male robot was attracted to Katie too by complimenting her and expressing his feelings for Katie, I mean, you really have everything I want in a person. You have charm, good looks, a hot body, and a perfect ass.

Could sex robot save marriage ?
Recently we have seen robots being able to interact, show bot is programmed with  different personalities. They can chat, dress sexy, interact,make  advances though sex bots are not real competition for women.

Robot could cut infidelity, since one can have multiple sex partners without  cheating.

Patients can use apps to do basic tests, say doctors

Technology is advancing day by  day though its tricky. Some city doctors and practitioners have adviced patients to start using their mobile phones to conduct some basic tests like heart ,pulse,eye ,ear test.

According to orthopaedic surgeon Dr V R Ravi, a seminar conducted in india. Dr Ravi urges the public to start using their mobile phone to do some check ups.  "He Lamented encouraging the public to adopt and start installing health apps on their smart phones".

Many check ups was conducted using mobile phone. Some doctors  refers mobile phone check up as a reference and arguly suggested a check up must be determined by a doctor.

Some doctors debated on misguide mobile check could cause to the public and suggested to consult a doctor to determine any check up carried out with mobile phone.

LG Launches New AI-Based TVs With Voice Control

LG Launches New AI-Based TVs With Voice Control

Today's technology keep advancing rapidly.The giant Chinese technology company known as LG has launched another powerful gadget " AI TV SET". The TV set is powered by AI  known as ( artificial intelligence AI) featuring  LG OLED, Super UHD, UHD and Smart TV category, and are powered with Alpha 7 and Alpha 9 processors.

 That's not all.  SuperUHD TV comes with other features like voice control,  web0 support etc. This TV set puts you in full control of your TV gadget. Let's you point  and voice command your tv. Its said to support over 800 languages that works with out internet connection

SuperUHD TV comes with mobile overlay. This feature allows user to connect his/her mobile gadget on the TV set and play music or videos from mobile to TV. This feature let's you view everything on your mobile on  tv.

Other features including google photo, cloud storage, let's user  store videos,audios and photos on google drive. Supports Bluetooth connection both for mobile and other devices.

LG's 2018 SuperUHD TV comes with alpha 9 processor, supports palette of HDR, Dolby Vision, advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro, and HLG Pro.

 SuperUHD TV featuring thinQ and google assistant. You can control other home appliances with SuperUHD TV Artificial intelligence.

Users can explore SuperUHD TV with voice command, scheduler. Google assistant makes it easier for users. You can ask questions and get quick answers right away with google assistant.

You can check scores of matches by simple command not turning off your viewing channel. SuperUHD TV supports over 5000 electronic gadgets such as robots, home appliances, speaker, light etc